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Dr. Jeff Davies offers a unique approach to health.  He recognizes that dentistry can have lasting effects on our body.  His philosophies are totally different than what you've experienced in the past. 


We are a General Dentist office that focuses on Biomimetic, Cosmetic, and Biological Dentistry.


Translated literally, Biomimetic Dentistry means "to mimic life".  Biomimetic Dentistry aims to mimics the natural composition of teeth and restore dental health.  This approach to dentistry is easier on your teeth than traditional dentistry.  Biomimetic Dentistry is advanced general dentistry.  Its purpose is to only remove damaged, decayed, or cracked areas as compared to the excess removal of healthy tooth structure of traditional dentistry.  Dr. Davies will restore your tooth to mimic your natural tooth by advanced adhesive protocols that completely seals the tooth and helps prevent further bacterial infections.


Smiling has many positive effects on our bodies, brains and the people around us.  In fact, smiling can make you feel better and have more confidence.  These benefits may help to relieve stress or lower high blood pressure.  Helping our patients achieve lasting results requires extensive training, meticulous planning,  as well as having an attentive eye for detail.  We take the necessary steps to ensure proper success. We proudly offer cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, Invisalign or veneers.  We are happy to discuss to see if any these holistic procedures can be a benefit to you.  


Biological dentistry is an approach that recognizes teeth and supporting dental structures are associated with the whole body.  Dental work can impact other parts of the body.  Because of this important relationship, we offer a wide range of healthy treatment options, including metal free dentistry, holistic products, mercury safe removal, along with limiting the need for root canal treatments.  Its been estimated that 90% of root canals can be prevented by following biomimetic protocols.  Some people call this holistic dentistry, we say its dentistry done the right way.

What People Are Saying

"I really appreciated Dr. Davies openness and his willingness to walk me through everything he was going to do. He took the time to show me the xrays and explained what needed done soon and what looked like it could wait a little longer. He was really understanding and patient, which made me feel comfortable. It seemed like he had my best interest at heart. I also felt very little pain when he was working on my teeth compared to some other dentists I have been to. Overall, I had a good experience when I usually don't like going to the dentist."



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Biomimetic. Cosmetic. Biological 


Dr. Jeff Davies is quickly becoming a world-recognized authority in Biomimetic Dentistry.  Ever since his first day of dental school at USC, in 2012, he has been constantly pursuing a deeper understanding of Biomimetic Dentistry.  He has since introduced these conservative concepts to thousands around the world, through his Instagram account.  He has taught, coached and mentored various practitioners in their understanding of biomimetic dentistry as well as help improve their clinical techniques.  He has provided Continuing Education courses in Biomimetic Dentistry as well as being a key opinion leader for dental companies in his dental career.

He is also passionate about patient education.  He runs a Facebook Group to help promote biological dentistry and to raise awareness.  It is a place to ask questions, network with peers, and connect with other holistic practitioners. 




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